Silvio Tasselli nickname Dino is a freelance journalist born in Milan, where he still lives. He is an active historical researcher and collaborates with several specialized magazines.
Silvio TasselliStudent and worker from the age of 15, he served as paratrooper (Parachute Qualification Wing - N° 4650) at the prestigious "Centro Militare di Paracadutismo" in Viterbo (Military Parachutist Centre), with the rank of ‘Rifleman Assault'.
Then he worked as an executive for ENI, the main Italian oil company, with logistical and administrative functions, performing several missions in different countries around the world; he was awarded the Company's Gold Medal for his outstanding service. After his retirement he works independently as an historical researcher and his main interest is focused on the British Special Corps, which operated during the Second World War in the Mediterranean area.
He owns more 2500 volumes: a rich library containing almost everything published about the valorous actions of these special corps.
A large number of his books on Military History are periodically bestowed to the Military School ‘Pietro Teuliè' of Milan to enrich its "Biblioteca di Presidio" (Garrison Library). This collection has been identified by a plaque " Fondo Silvio Tasselli ".
He is a regular visitor of the Public Record Office - National Archives at Kew (London), where the most important documents on this subject can be consulted. He brings to light any secret documents as soon they are declassified.

During his research he also visited: "Historical Dept. and the Photographic Section" of the "Imperial War Museum" in divisaLondon, "Service Historique de l'Armée de Terre" and "Service Historique de la Marine" at Chateau de Vincennes (Paris) and "E.P.C.A. - photos, cinéma, video des Armées" at Fort d'Ivry (Paris), "Centre de Recherches et d' Etudes Historiques de la Second Guerre Mondiale" in Bruxelles, the "Israel Defence Force" in Tel Aviv and most recently the "National Archives and Records Administration" at College Park in Washington to find out more details about these actions. Some of his articles are available in the archives of the "Imperial War Museum", "The Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum" and "National Army Museum" in London, at the "Israel War Veterans League" in Tel Aviv, at the C.D.E.C. (Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea) of Milano and at "Ufficio Storico dello Stato Maggiore Esercito" and "Ufficio Storico della Marina Militare" in Rome.